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Satisfy your craving for spicy snacks with Thengolu Spicy. This South Indian delicacy features crispy strips made from rice flour, besan, and a blend of aromatic spices, including red chilli, cumin, and curry leaves. Perfect for snacking anytime, Thengolu Spicy offers a bold and fiery flavour experience in every crunchy bite.


Dive into a world of spicy indulgence with Thengolu Spicy, a traditional South Indian snack that tantalizes the taste buds with its fiery flavour and crispy texture. Originating from the vibrant culinary landscape of India, Thengolu Spicy is a beloved delicacy renowned for its aromatic spices and irresistible crunch.

Crafted with a harmonious blend of rice flour, besan (gram flour), and a medley of hand-picked spices, including red chilli powder, cumin, and curry leaves, each Thengolu Spicy offers a symphony of bold flavours that pack a punch. The dough is expertly kneaded, shaped into thin strips, and fried to golden perfection, resulting in a crispy snack that’s bursting with spicy goodness.

Perfect for those who crave a bit of heat in their snacks or enjoy exploring new flavour sensations, Thengolu Spicy is a versatile treat that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Whether served as an appetizer at gatherings or savoured as a spicy snack during tea time, Thengolu Spicy promises to elevate your snacking experience with its irresistible flavour and satisfying crunch.

Experience the spicy allure of South Indian cuisine with Thengolu Spicy – a snack that embodies the warmth, tradition, and bold flavours of the region. Let each bite transport you to a world of culinary excitement, where the fiery taste of Thengolu Spicy leaves a lasting impression on your palate.


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